Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bridal Shower Part 1.....

Hi all! Just as promised I'm going to share the pictures with you of the beach bridal shower. My sister in law did a great job pulling everything together. I was only in charge of the center pieces on this one. I think that everything turned out to look so cute and it was all done on a tight budget which was even better. The first picture is the display as you enter the deck.
I think that this picture is a good one. With the shrubs acting as a canopy for the entrance way. Its so quaint and welcoming I think.
This picture was taken before the guest arrived of course. I wanted you all to see what everything looked like beforehand.
Here is what those "life preservers" that I made looked like once everything was set up on the tables. Later my great niece added some sea life confetti to the tables. We were afraid that it would blow away had we added it too soon.
This is the veil that I added sea shells too for the bride of course to wear during the party. I think it turned out cute.
Since I can only add 5 pictures at a time on each post it will take me several posts to get the pictures in so stick around.....

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