Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bridal Shower Part 2....

Hey ya'll! Welcome back! So here is the beautiful bride to be! She's the sweetest thing ever and I'm so glad that she's going to be part of our family.
The lady in the brown blouse is mother of the groom and one of my sister in laws. And the other 2 ladies are family as well. One of my beautiful nieces, who is also my hairdresser and her sweet little mother.
The lady to the right is mother of the bride and the other lady is another sister in law of mine. I'm so blessed to have such a great family! In this picture you can see the confetti that was on the table and it's really a better view of what the centerpieces looked like.
This is family as well. Rita, another one of my sister in laws and the host of the party came up with the cutest idea to serve our dessert in little colorful buckets as you can see it being served in this picture. It was so yummy too!
This is another family member who is enjoying her dessert.
I'm not done yet with the pictures....I still have more to come so remember to stick around.

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