Monday, November 16, 2009

The Kitchen tree.....just add feathers

Ok here you can see the tree that I'm totally in love with. It turned out far better than I had envisioned and my husband says that these pictures aren't doing it justice...I have to agree with him. It is much more beautiful in person so sorry I could get a better picture of it that would show just how gorgeous it really is. I added small wreaths on the backs of all the chairs using robins egg blue ribbon and of course I've already discussed the centerpiece.
ok so here's a close up of one of the birds nest that I made the first of the year and then tucked away til this year. I simply took regular cheap little birds nest from Hobby Lobby and bought some of the little eggs there as well. I painted the eggs robins egg blue and glued them in then brushed the entire nest and eggs with elmers glue and sprinkled it really heavy with mica flake glitter to make it look as if snow had landed on it. You can also see some of the vintage balls that I collected over the course of the year. They are 2 different shades of robins egg blue. Then I added a couple of strands of silver balls that I found at ........the dollar store...yes the dollar store for a whopping 1 buck!
I found these birdhouses at Hobby lobby as well in the unfinished wood section. So I came home and painted them with the same paint that I had painted the walls in the kitchen. Then took the same steps as I did with the nest to make it look like snow has fallen on them. You can see another picture of the nest and then the darker robins egg blue feathers that you see on the tree is actually a boa feather that was cut up and placed throughout the tree in certain spots and I think that's what made it really pop.
While shopping for the vintage Shiny Brite Christmas balls on ebay I luckily ran across these beautiful vintage birds. I was only able to find 6. I really wish that I had more but that was all that I could find. I think that they fit in just perfectly.
This concludes the kitchen decorations .... I think. If I happen to see something that I missed I'll be sure to share it with you. I do have my decorations up outside but haven't taken the pictures of it all yet. But will be sure to share all that with you all as well. So come on back soon and peep in and see what else I've decorated. See ya soon!


  1. Everything looks perfect!!!! Love, Love the decorations!!!!!