Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Find!

No it isn't a trash to treasure and believe it or not it's not even something that I found at my favorite store (TJMaxx)....its actually from Bealls of Florida! My sis Suzie from over at Happy Shack had been spending the fall in Florida and went shopping and told me about this great purse that she found. Well as she described it, it reminded me of the purse that my friend Brenda had and one that I've loved and admired ever since I saw it. So I just had to have me one as well. But the best part of it all was that it was only $21! Can you believe that? $21!!! So I immediately put in an order for one. Then Suzie had went to an outlet and found the wallets to match the purses and picked those up for $9.99! WOW! What a deal as well. I'm so happy with my new purchase that I just had to share it all with you so you could get one as well. The address for Bealls is
Thank you Suzie for the wallet. I love it and it matches the new purse perfectly!

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  1. Robin,
    When I was out shopping a few days ago.. three ladies were talkin and shopping..I walked by with MY purse.. I heard one say.."OHH look, I want that.." one of the others said THATS her PURSE.. you cant buy it.".. "But I still want it",she said.. It was so funny! They are so fun to tote, huh sis ?