Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring blooms

I managed to make my way to my back yard yesterday to take these pictures for you. Since I hadn't been out there for 3 weeks I didn't realize that my lab had decided to make a bed out of one of my flower beds and not sure that it will even come up this year. grrr But anyway, my carpet phlox (or creeping phlox depending on where you live) really suffered from the drought last year. But it's still pretty and hopefully it will start spreading again.
This is a better look at what my backyard looks like during the spring. You can see in the lower right hand corner where my hosta is starting to come up. Just over look some of the weeds that need killer put on them. Since there are so many big boulders in our back yard we decided years ago to just add the small river rocks so that we don't have to mow around them and we really like that. It's different and when the weeds are killed out its a really clean look.
So anyway, there's a peek at some of my spring blooms. I missed getting pictures of all the daffodils to show you but they were really pretty.
Hope that everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.......


  1. Robin.. your creeping flox makes me want to take a walk thru your garden in the woods.. It was so beautiful when I was there last summer. and to be sittin on your dock about now...would renew my soul. Your the best! Love you..."sis"

  2. Hey Robin,
    How are you doing gal? I read you were not feeling well. I hope you are getting better. Nothing worse then having to sit around in the house. Well, in my case, I might enjoy a day or two of that right now. Its been crazy around here.
    Get well soon Gal!!!

  3. Robin your creeping phlox are beautiful. i have always wanted to get them started on the rocks where the lilies are!but guess June is to old to work with extra flowers now!he loves tame morning glories he gets them started on the bird feeders post they always do good ... hope you are feeling better aunt teedie love you..............