Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loving Life......

Hey it's just me again......first off I was so glad to be able to share the view from my front porch with you. Then I got to looking at the picture and realized that the front part of our floating dock is underwater. Oh well, positive part of all that is, we are going to drag that one out this week or next week and replacing it with a new one so the foam want be replaced under the old one. And now you'll be able to see the difference once we get the new dock put in. So it's allll good. There is a road that you can drive down to the lake part of our property and thats what your seeing going half way through the picture. Its nice when I need to drive down rather than now. But on the positive side of that as well. My wonderful hubby bought me a golf cart to use this year so that's going to come in really handy. He's such a wonderful considerate man, I'm so thankful and blessed to have him.
ok so on to show you some things that are blooming. Now please overlook any leftover leaves or weeds cause I've not had a chance to do much grubbing...well none as far as that goes. But here's some hosta that is popping up below the swing. If you were sitting in that swing you would be overlooking a pond that is nestled in between the rocks and has a pump in it that shoots out of an old water faucet. We have tried to put fish in the pond but they keep jumping out onto dry land....hmmm maybe they are wanting to go for a swing rather than a swim.
Here's another hosta bed sprouting up. I have tons of it spread out all over the back yard and into the wooded area. Thanks to my sister in laws for giving me starts back years ago. I transplanted another really large bed of it last year and am hoping to transplant some of that ivy that you can see in the background of some of the pictures to a steep bank on one side of our property. I started transplanting some already but it's a big area to try to cover.
This is some candytuff that my sweet little mother in law gave me years ago
My iris are coming up. My son and I planted these and transplanted them back when he was just a tiny little thing so they are extremely special to me. Makes me smile every time that I see them bloom.
And last but not least. Remember this tub that I painted and showed you last month. Well it along with the 2 little pots have their own place in the backyard now as well. I'm not sure what I'm going to plant in them yet but I'm sure excited to get something growing soon in them. It needs to be drought tolerant cause I've found that everything that I put in the stainless tubs dries out fast. Do you have any ideas? I could always just make myself a note and stick it on the fridge to water those plants daily......that would work as well.
Hope that you enjoyed that tour of my backyard....come on back in a flash cause I have something else to share with you.

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  1. Hey Sis, How about some Hens & chicks plants or soe Moss rose?? andI have even got Ice plant to grow in a shallow kids toy 3 inches deep... it looked great..
    good luck.. everything looks soo inviteing..I wanna swing.. move over Jumpin fish !loveya