Saturday, September 13, 2014

Having some issues with my blog...

Hi everyone! I do apologize but I'm having some technical difficulties right now posting pictures on my blog. I do have some fun crafty projects to show as well as another tutorial to share with you all as soon as I can get these issues resolved.
It was a very busy summer here at Candy Creek which meant that my blog was a tad neglected and I'm sorry for that but as life happens it's just really hard to keep up everything. I'm hoping that once the above issues are straightened out and everything is back to normal. Then I will be able to share some inspirational crafty goodies with you.
It's feeling a lot like fall here. Today it's rainy, dreary and we have a chill in the air. But on a positive note, it's time for my crafty creative side to come out and for me to start hibernating and churning out projects to share with you all.
While I'm working on the picture issue. You all feel free to look around at some of my older posts from past years and who knows, you may find a project or two that you had overlooked before that will inspire you to make some creative today.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I'll see you soon!

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