Thursday, September 18, 2014

Folio Mini Albums Galore!

 Hi everyone! I thought that I'd share some little folio mini albums that I've been making. I followed a tutorial from Ginger at My Sisters Scrapper. You will be able to find her link over on the right hand side of the page if you would like to make one yourself. This first one with the beach theme was made for my best friend Suzie who's blog is also on the right hand side of the page under Our Happy Shack. These are so fun and easy to make and can be as decorative or simple as you chose.
 I really enjoyed getting to personalize this one!
 I did alter the original tutorial by making a pocket that was 1/4" thick to accommodate the little photo booklet.
 The little booklet can be used for photos, journaling, or even better...BOTH! It could even be used as a little junk journal to put things like paint swatches from hmm lets see maybe a new beach condo that you've just bought and are remodeling so that you will not only be able to take before and after pictures but also know exactly what colors you used in repainting your new little slice of heaven.
 This next one I made to give as a future gift.....I'm normally not a big green kind of girl, but am really loving this color combo of greens, blues and pink!

 I changed a few things up in the next one.
 I used some ribbon on the binding to add a little extra interest.

 On the inside I didn't make the little pocket. Instead, I did a double waterfall will a velcro belly band.

After making the first one, as you can see it they became addicting to make. I'm not sure if I have them out of my system yet because even though I've been working on some other projects, I am still thinking about how I can change these up or different themes.
Thank you so much for stopping by and I'll be back soon with another post of a little tutorial for a micro mini/ATC.

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  1. Oh My Goshhhhh Robin !!!! I love these!! I especially love your first one...Love your take on them. I am definitely going to have to make myself a few of these!! Yours are so inspiring...TFS {{{hugs}}} Kimi xx