Saturday, September 7, 2013

Believe in Magic mixed media canvas....

 Well remember me telling you all way back many months ago that I was falling in love doing mixed media? Well it hasn't changed. I still love getting my hands good and dirty in the paint and glue and anything else I decide to put on the canvas. This is the latest one that I did and I'm thinking of doing another one with Santa on it as well. When I start one of these, I can't stop until I'm completely happy with it so I try not to start one late at night because I actually tried to walk away from this one late one night and couldn't sleep and so I got back up and finished it before I was able to find the sandman.

These are so much fun. It's the only kind of painting that doesn't stress me out because I don't have to worry about staying between the lines or doing the correct brush strokes and so on and so forth. There is no real's all in the eyes of the creator to decide whether or not its right. I like not coloring within the lines so to speak.
Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a wonderful night/day!

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  1. LOVE that mixed media... You realy have a knack for it Robin... Can't wait to see the next one!