Friday, September 6, 2013

Makeup bags....

 I'm back! So here are few more things that I've made since I pulled my sewing machine back out. It's been a while since I've sewn anything. So long in fact that I had a spool of thread that had actually dry rotted. It took me a while to figure out why the thread kept breaking on me and it really wasn't the operator of the machine.....that time. So anyway, The above picture is a little makeup bag that Suzie taught me how to make and I made about a dozen of those all in different fabrics of course.
 Then I didn't stop there. I made these as well. I believe that there are 7 in total of them. The flowers I made using more of the crocheted centers from my trip to Oklahoma to see Suzie this summer. But the big thing about these makeup bags for me was.......
 THE ZIPPERS! See for you seasoned pro's out there that have put tons of zippers in things. These happen to be my first and I was so proud of myself. I can remember my mom telling me that zippers were really hard to do and I would say they are in clothing which is what she would sew when I was little but these were easier than I thought they would be. I think that my husband was even impressed with me for putting them in and since he's the one that taught me how to sew on a machine that made me feel even better about it.
The purple zippers make me SMILE! I thought it would bring out the purple that was in the fabric a little bit more.
I have sewn some more things but it's do dark outside to take pictures of them right now so I'll have to get those pictures tomm. But I switched things up a tad before I started sewing again and I'll show you what I created in the next post.
Once again, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. YOU are AMAZING.. ZIPPERS in bags..reallly!!!! who knew you would go there..and I LOVE the contrasting colors of the Zips.. the bags look so professioaly made.. I am impressssed ! Also love the boho bags your made...Then saw the scrap post of MY album you made me and the journal. YIKEs.. u have been so creativly busy my head is spining...You should be proud of all these things. HUGS < Sista Suzie