Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From boys room to Mancave remodel....

 Ok first off since I don't take before pictures and can't seem to lay my finger on the pictures I had taken of my sons bedroom before I will just explain what it looked like before. It had boring white walls but the rest of it was all about camo and hunting. The furniture was 3 different colors all in the "camo hues" and well it was just downright boring all together. It still had footballs posters hanging and even a net in the corner that no longer held toys but instead his collection of ball caps, trucker caps or whatever you want to call them. I had wanted to redo this room for years but he didn't ever want me to do anything. I'm not sure what he was afraid of...lord knows it could only get better than it was. So when I was at my oldest brother house this spring I once again fell in love with blue in his guest bathroom and asked him if he would give me a sample of it because my vision for this room was already developing in my head. Below are pictures of the outcome. There are still a few things that I want to tweek here and there but the major part is done! Can check this one off of my list.
 The big thing in the room was adding the bead boarding on the bottom of the walls. I have always been a fan of that so that was a must! The frames I had collected from my stash. They were boring wood tones but now they are all black...including the mats. Of course I had to rehang his gun rack which is used to hold his bow rather than one of his guns. And even though I'm TOTALLY against hanging dead animals or any part of a dead animal on the walls of the house...my son somehow got away with it but using push pins was no longer an option to hang them. So I remedied that one by "mounting them on artist canvas's that I had painted black. I can take close up pictures of those if you need for me too. Two of my frames are still awaiting pictures that I need from my son where he caught some monster fish recently.
 My son requested that his room be darker so Suzie over at Our Happy Shack suggested a black out roll down shade. It works great...but boy oh boy that thing gave me a fit hanging it. Here you can see that I have it up some so you can see it's there. It really helped with the morning sun that came in right on him. I'm in search of a lamp to for his desk....just another tweek here and there remember....
 We didn't have his tv hung on the wall before. It actually sat on his dresser leaving him even less room to put his stuff. So since we had a surprise visit from Suzie and Don while I was working on the room. They jumped in and helped Mr. Candy Creek out by hanging the tv mount as well as the new ceiling fan that they bought for Austin because his room wasn't getting enough air flow. I also bought some black canvas foldable baskets at Walmart to organize this things in and to clean up the bookcase a bit. They worked perfectly and I need to get one more for his night stand.
 Here is the ceiling fan that Suzie and Don bought. We just love it and are so grateful to Don for hanging it for us!
 I bought the mirror at TJ Maxx (my favorite store in the world!) for only $24. I had originally planned on hanging it a little lower but the trim and bead board wouldn't allow that. My son is really tall and said that he's happy with where it hangs so that's all that matters even though it goes against all normal design rules. The basket on the dresser will soon be in the trash. I'm in search of a long flat basket in black to hold loose change and such.
 If you've been following my blog for very long you will remember that this little table has really made its way around the house. I think it's finally found it's finally resting spot. One more black canvas basket in the bottom and that will be complete.
 I was so happy with the way the furniture turned out. When I first envisioned this room, black wasn't something I had in mind. That was at the request of my son and boy he was right on the money with it. I just love how it all turned out. Hopefully next year will be the year that all of my carpets throughout the house can be replaced. (keeping fingers crossed)
Well that concludes my redo of my son's room....it really went from a little boys room in sad shape to a grown up looking man cave! I am so thrilled with it and he likes it as well.
Have a good day everyone!


  1. Robin, Austins room is so nice and grown up ! It was so wonderful to zip into Candy Creek for a few days.. and Gerald doing all the work on our boat was really appreciated.. the fan was the least we could do ! It was fun all of us in that room at one time... gettin it done.. even tho you got a little crammed in there for a bit.. GOOD times..! I hope you have found a little basket for his dresser.. maybe while you were at the beach..LOL xoxo

  2. Hey Robin, I plan to repaint the guest room next week.. and I was wondering the color name of Austins room ? I am thinking going blue on the top of my beadboard style paneling that is going to be white instead of the white washed drift wood color.. and the bedding is the Ralf LAuren with the surfboards, and its the nautical red white and blue.. think this color would look good ???

  3. Hey Suzie,
    The name of that paint is Young Cadet Blue and its the walmart brand paint. Its a pretty nautical blue color I think and YES it would look great in that room!