Thursday, May 3, 2012

Altered Art using painting canvas...

 Hey ya'll! I've been at it again.....these 3 canvas's have had so much done to them since I bought them that I'm starting to lose track. I had to do something because here it is May and I still had snowflakes on these. So I took another short break from finishing up my spring cleaning to do a little something different. I had wrote this idea down back quite a while ago as Suzie and I were brain storming one night and is the final outcome! Thanks Suzie for you help!
 I apologize for the fact that I didn't write down which paper pads I used on this project but it was literally just ones that I pulled from numerous ones. I was thankful that the canvas's were already "primed" so I didn't have to wait for that to dry. I glued the paper on using a homemade mod podge and then put an extra coat on top to seal it really well and then as that dried I went ahead and started pulling things that I'd like to use that would be 3D as you can see there are keys, butterflies, a Tim Holtz name plate thing. For the paper that is under the words "sings" I had actually found an old songbook at the thrift store last year and simply cut it out, inked my edges and then ran it thru my paper crimper to give it a little more texture.
 I had some scrap papers that had pictures of vintage post cards on it so I just cut those out and inked the edges and added some felt flower borders in black and brown.
 And of course would one of my projects really be my project if I didn't add a little bling of some kind?? uhhh if you really know me then you would all be saying NOOOO! So I found this bling at Michael's on clearance and it even has little bitty butterflies in it as well! But my most favorite thing on all of these pieces is.....
THIS!!! The wings that I added on my son's back. I think these are from Melissa Frances and they are of a resin type material. I was going to use these somewhere else on this canvas and had moved them out of the way while I was arranging things when I looked down and saw where they were laying and was just meant to be! I'm so thankful that I have another set of these wings because I think that they are discontinued now but I'm going to make a scrapbook page and use the other set of wings for this picture.
Ok so tomorrow it really is back to finishing up my spring cleaning...uhh at least I hope so.

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  1. Girl Love your wall art! wow, Im gonna have to start decorating with my projects, I yet to do that...hey, I was wondering if you could email me at when you have a chance? Wanna ask you something!
    Have a Great, Safe and Happy Mothers Day!!
    your friend