Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter Artwork...

Ok well this project wasn't exactly something that was just kind of happened. If you all remember back many months ago I decided to see if I could paint some "contemporary cheap artwork" for my newly redecorated living room. Needless to say the more I looked at those paintings the more I hated them! So I was going to take them down and hang some pictures that I had ran across that was tucked away in my stash but then I got to thinking...since I was going to more than likely toss these 3 canvas's anyway why not try to make something "wintery" out of them. I realized in a hurry that I'm NOT an artist but what was it gonna hurt to try? So Mr. Candy Creek helped me decide what kind of folk art tree to paint and got to it. Then of course since our "theme" this year is winter wonderland it just had to have some snowflakes and why not make them 3D ones? I have to admit...they look much better than they did before and will work just fine for us through Christmas.

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