Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snow covered candle holders...

Hi everyone. Here is a cheap and simple little decorating idea. I bought everything at Dollar Tree and just love the way that it turned out. I had gotten this idea from seeing a post on Pinterest where they used empty wine bottles.
 First I just simply sprayed the glass containers with spray glue. I found that it was easier to work in small sections at a time and a spray box is a must of course.

Then I simply rolled my vases in epsom salt. If you have a vase that has a lip on it or a decorative edge where you can't roll it evenly then just pour the epsom salt on your vase and pat down with your hand. Be sure that you have some wax paper laid down so that you can keep reusing the salt and so that the glue doesn't get on your counter. The only thing that I didn't figure out is how to keep the glue off of your hands. It took me longer to get my hands cleaned back up than it did to cover all of the vases. It took half a bottle of acetone nail polish remover to get it all off. It was all worth it though. Happy Crafting!

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