Monday, December 27, 2010

Hand dipped Primitive spice candle tutorial

 Hi everyone! I thought I'd walk you through how I made these primitive spice candles. My friend Brenda is the one that told me about them and explained to me online as to how to do it. Thanks Brenda! How did I do???
First off grab yourself the tallest food can that you can find. I happened to have a tall one that had green beans in it that seemed to work just fine. Then place that down inside a large pot filled with water to make yourself a double boiler. Then for the can that I had, it took about 2 and a half boxes of Gulf paraffin wax that is placed down inside the can a couple at a time to melt. If your cutting your blocks in half for some reason we found that if you dip your knife in the hot water it cuts the wax or will shorten your taper candles easier cause it cuts through them like butter!
 After you have the desired amount of paraffin wax melted have your taper candles handy. You can pick up these inexpensive candles about anywhere even the Dollar Store. You will also need a set of tongs that will hold tight to the wick of the candle.
 Go ahead before you start dipping and prep your spice rolling area. I laid out some wax paper and used allspice, cinnamon and cloves for my mixture. I also placed another sheet of wax paper down as well close by to lay my finished candles on to keep from having wax all over my counters. Be sure that the length of your spices are at least as long as your candle itself and wide enough for the candle to roll in.
 Now your ready to dip your candle. Use the tongs and you have to work pretty fast here cause the paraffin wax dries rather quickly.
 Dip your candle in the paraffin wax....
 and immediately roll it into your spice mixture. Keep repeating this process until you get your desired look. I found that with the tops of my candles I had to hold the bottom of the candle after I had the bottom the way I wanted it in order to coat and cover the top of the candle and the wick.
 Here are the three that are finished.
 They smell so good and would be so nice with a tad of homespun wrapped around them and just sitting around OR.....
You could do what I did and take a piece of worn out patchwork quilt and make something to put your hand dipped candles in, like the above picture.
I have never attempted to make candles but let me tell you I wasn't the only one that had fun making husband helped me and we had a blast doing it and plan on making more. Be sure to save your food can filled with paraffin wax cause it can be heated back up and reused over and over again.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll do help in any way I can. Thanks again Brenda for sharing this idea!!!


  1. That looks so easy. I've got to try it. Thanks for the lesson. Would make great gifts!

  2. Thanks Christine! They are super easy to make and I made these for one of my sister in laws for Christmas. They smell soooo yummy! Have fun making some!

  3. Hello!

    What a wonderful gift! I love the scent of spice in the air especially at Christmas!

    I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 brings you much joy and good fortune!

    I am so behind in visiting my friend's blogs but I am hoping that after life settles down a bit I will be back more often to see your beautiful creations!


    Barbara Diane

  4. Very nice tutorial. Thank you.