Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you out there that have been so gracious to stop by my blog over the past year or so. As I've been going over the things that I'm so grateful for over the past year you all are part of what I consider a blessing!
I guess you all thought that I had gone to the ends of the earth or just left the planet cause I haven't posted anything in a while. But I've been extremely busy working on getting my house decorated for Christmas plus I've been making some gifts and on top of all of that I even managed to go to a scrapbooking retreat a couple of weeks ago for 4 days. So I've been busy busy. But even with all that I'm still grateful that I was able to get well enough to get all that done as well as go on my trip that I had been looking forward to since this past summer.
But getting back to what all that I'm grateful for......
1.  My health...although it's not that great most of the time..I do know that it could be worse.
2.  My family!
3.  My husband! If it weren't for him some days I don't know what I'd do, he's a huge blessing.
4.  My son! I thank God daily for allowing me the priveledge to be his mom! He's awesome!
5.  My grandparents...they may have passed on but I still stop and think of them cause they are what I feel like who helped me become the person that I am today.
6.  My mother. I know I mentioned my family but I have to give more credit to my mom cause she's one of the strongest people I know. She's had cancer and it never got her down. She continues to fight and has taught me to do my best to do the same.
7.  My Lord and Savior!
8.  All my friends! Gosh how could I ever go through a list of blessings without thinking of them often! They keep me on track, lift me up when I'm down, encourage me in my adventures and push me when I need a good shove.
9.  Necessities!!! A roof over my head, food in my mouth and clothes on my body
10. All of my blogger friends who inspire me on a daily basis. You all make me want to get up and go do something just so I can share it with you. It helps me mentally more than you all will ever know.
So what are you all grateful for???? I'd love to hear your list....that's just my top 10. I have soooo many more things that I'm grateful for.
Hope that you all have a WONDERFUL day of reflecting and enjoy some good food and great fellowship with your family and friends.


  1. Hello!

    You have been a busy woman! I hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  2. Hi my friend. Thank you so much for your warm wishes! Its been a long trying year and I am ready to welcome a new one with open arms. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family! A warm Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...may we both we blessed with creativity to last us till the next new year.
    Thanks for support! Meeting nice people like you has made blogging one of the many joys in my life!
    Sincere Wishes
    your friend