Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pretty paper.....pretty ribbons of blue....

I had to share with you these sweet little boxes that I found yesterday at Hobby Lobby. They are covered in satin and the perfect color to sit underneath the tree in the kitchen. I didn't realize it last year when I started collecting all of my vintage Christmas balls and birds but this is one of the "in" colors this year apparently cause I saw all kinds of stuff in the robins egg blue and teal colors. I also found loads of pink as well. I also even ran across some lavender. I'd love to do a tree for my bedroom but space just isn't my friend in that room especially since that's the room that has to hold the extra furnishings from the living room during the holiday season. But it sure would be nice to have a tree in that room. I've learned that black is another one of the "in" colors this year as well and found lots and lots of it. Wouldn't it be pretty to have a black and pink tree? Now wouldn't that be fun. Oh how I love Christmas. I'd have a tree in every room with a different theme if space would allow it. I'm not one to go all out decorating any other time of the year but this one and would do so much more if only I had the space for it. Sadly enough two trees is about the max for me, but I can dream and admire other peoples beautiful decorations. Hope that you've enjoyed the tour around my home this year. Come on back soon cause you never know what I may be blogging about next.

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