Monday, March 8, 2010

Manila Envelope Mini Part 2

Ok here we go with Part 2 of making the above mini album........
After attaching the coin envelope to your manila envelope you should be able to stand it up and it will make a Z shape.
The fun lets pull out some distressing ink and ink all those edges to give it a worn/aged look. I used Tim Holtz distressing ink in the walnut. Be sure to do this on both side and on your folds as well just as shown in the above picture.
Lets start preparing our binding. Since I made 4 envelopes, I cut 4 strips of cardstock in whatever color you want just make sure that it's the heavy cardstock and I cut them 2"x6". Next I measured the center and scored right down the middle of each strip. Then I took one of my line punches and made a decorative edge. Now I used the EK Success punch but you would easily use any pretty line punch or a pair of decorative scissors just be sure to keep your lines straight. After I did that I used the Terrifically Tacky tape that you can get in any craft store or Walmart. It's comes in a roll and is red and runs a couple dollars is all. I suggest this tape because it has such a good bond to it. Run a line of the tape right along the inside edge of the where you punched or cut without letting it get over into where you've punched. Use your punch line as a guide. Then lay your envelope edge right on the edge of the tape. Do not and I repeat DO NOT tuck the envelope all the way to the scored line because we are going to need that extra area to punch and place our eyelets in later. Then fold at the seam and let it glue itself to the top side of the envelope.
This is what it should look like. Then what I did was for the first little pocket that we made I used a 1/8" eyelet and marked the center of the pocket and punched and placed the eyelet right in the center of the flap. That way I have 2 pockets now. I also used my 1" round punch and only going half way I make a little tab for the large pocket as shown in the picture. Then it's just a matter of measuring each flap and placing pretty decorative papers on them and making your tags to go in the pockets. You can use office supply tags and distress them with distressing ink or you can coffee stain them if you don't have any distressing ink or you can make your own tags. The possibilities are endless....just get creative with it. I even made a top pocket that holds 2 tags like I showed you in my previous blog about the other little mini album made out of legal sized envelopes. Ok so in Part 3 I'll show you how I made my cover and give you a sneak peak at what the inside of my finished album looked like. So come on back so we can finish this project up.

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