Sunday, January 24, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas......

Well I've been waiting to show you all this since before Christmas and I just can't stand the wait any longer. I made this for my friend for Christmas and still haven't been able to meet up with her to give it to her. So I thought that I'd put it on here and let her run across it and at least see what's on it's way to her when we do get a chance to have lunch together. It's one of my own patterns and came about from thinking about the pumpkins that I made back a couple months ago. Instead of coffee staining and baking in the oven, I sprayed it down with my strong coffee mixture and let it dry overnight sitting on the counter. I've found that doing my primitives this way that they turn out with a more even and pretty look but I'm sure that it's the crafters choice. I just hate that it's getting to her so late. Seems like we each have a hard time getting together but hopefully this little guy will make it to it's new home soon.
Now for something else that I want to talk to you about. This just happened to be my 100th post and I know that a lot of bloggers have giveaways for that. I'm wanting to do the same thing but it's going to probably be a bit before I can make something up for one lucky winner cause I'm once again having some health issues due to a statin medicine that I took but as soon as I get to feeling better I plan on making something up to where I can give a nice little gift for those that have been faithful to read my blog. So give me a chance and I promise I'll come up with something.